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Assembly Interest Groups

The Senate Assembly has the following interest groups. In your expression of interest, you are invited to select which interest group you would like to follow.

At present – you are signing up only to receive updates on our progress in that interest area.

When we need more active involvement in the future we will contact you with further details and an estimate of the time we are asking you to commit.

Our interest areas are:

  1. Mapping the patient journey (frequency and length of travel to and from home to health services)
  2. Primary, Acute and Emergency Care/Optimising Patient Flow
  3. Maternity and Paediatric Services
Other interest groups may be added in the future - so please watch this space!

Our work plan is increasingly informed by the Transformational Projects led by the Strategic Clinical Networks and listed by domain on the Strategic Clinical Network website.

Further Information

If you would like further information about any of the topics we have already discussed, please contact us.