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The Assembly of the Clinical Senate will provide access to a broad range of experts, invited through the Chair as required. These should encompass a wide range of clinical professions, the ‘birth to death’ spectrum of NHS care, and the five domains of the NHS Outcomes Framework. We do not specify a minimum or maximum number of members as this will inevitably vary. The Clinical Senate Assembly could potentially be very large but this will be left to local determination.

The Clinical Senate Assembly at this stage is largely a virtual one – details of clinicians, providers, commissioners, public sector and other representatives from third party organisations are stored on a shared Strategic Clinical Networks and Senate database. It is accessed depending on the member’s interest area and the topic under discussion.

Patient and carer details will be stored securely in a ‘people bank’ that the Strategic Clinical Networks and Clinical Senate are organising with the Nursing Directorate and Healthwatch organisations in Wessex.

The Clinical Assembly was formally launched at the Wessex Strategic Clinical Networks and Senate Stakeholder Engagement Event on 2nd July 2014. The launch was intended to broaden the representation within the Clinical Senate. In the future, we anticipate that interest groups will be set up by topic and these groups will provide advice to commissioners on service change.

For each topic that the Senate Council discusses, there will be a stakeholder engagement and communication plan which outlines amongst other things which Clinical Senate Assembly members should be consulted on the topic under consideration and how any recommendations that the Clinical Senate Council makes should be shared more widely

Should you wish to find out more about the Senate Assembly please use the Contact Us page. If you wish to register for an interest group please do so here.